Custom Paper Packaging

Custom Paper Box Packaging

for your own product is quite simple! Here are the steps that you need to follow:

Determine the size of your box

Measure the products that you need to fit into the box and use these measurements to design the box's interior. Make sure to leave a few extra millimeters of distance around the sides and ends of the tube, so that it doesn't feel cramped when it's inside the box.

Design the exterior of the box

You can create the outside of the box with your own design, or you can use a specific template. Create the shape of the box and make sure it is formatted to the size of your tube. Otherwise, hire a packaging designer to submit a design for you.

Choose the packaging material

Choose one that matches the desired look of your box and that is also durable enough to protect the contents inside. Eco-friendly paper materials are the top selection nowadays.

Choose the closure method

You will need to decide on how your box will be closed and opened. You can use a tuck closure, a magnet, or an adhesive. Choose one that works well with your construction material and will be easy to use.

Design the interior of the box

Once you have determined the construction material, size, and closure method, you can move on to designing the interior of the box. Choose the dividers and compartments that you need to secure the tube of cream in place and make sure that the padding and cushioning are adequate.

Assemble the mock up box

Once you have finished designing the box, it's time to assemble the mock up. If you're hiring a packaging printer like us, we'll provide a final mock up for your product before production.
Gather all of the necessary materials and follow the instructions for assembling your box. Make sure to pay attention to detail and to lay everything down correctly so that your box will look finished and professional.
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